Ruth, Bruce, and Wrigley

Ruth and I started this business to provide a better way to provide a knife sharpening service. Reasonably priced, high quality, easy way for people to get their favorite knives and shears sharpened. You won’t be without your favorite knives or shears. We sharpen them right at your residence or business. Our van is equipped to sharpen knives and shears. Our knife sharpen system is with a water wheel and Japanese Waterstones, so there’s never a chance of overheating the blade and ruining the temper. 

Gardening Tools

We sharpen a wide variety of tools also.  Most tools, such as gardening tools, mower blades, chain saw blades, we will pick up and bring them back to our shop for sharpening. Once we have completed cleaning and sharpening them, we will deliver them back to you. Chain saw blade are cleaned, sharpened and oiled, so that they will be ready for installation when you are. Whether it's right away or next year. No more rusted chain saw blade sitting on the shelf.

Woodworking Tools 

We will also pick up and deliver circular saw blades, routers, hole saws and other wood working tools. Do you have old hand saws or hand planes that you'd like to use, but they've rusted and are not sharp. We can clean them up, remove the rust and sharpen them. If the wood handles need refinishing, we can do that for you. What about your wood chisels? We can make them razor sharp.